Whatever the style of your home, Killarney Vale Paints has all the texture finishes you need to keep the outside of your property looking its best. If you want an attractive result and protection from all weather and climate conditions on the Central Coast, you’ll simply love our selection of exterior
texture finishes


There are many different kinds of paint which can be applied to achieve texture finishes to your exterior surfaces. Walls that have been bagged with sand and cement mix can simply be finished with a good quality exterior paint once it has been given time to dry fully

Modern Rendering 

Modern rendering systems are flexible and move with your home, and will therefore, be less prone to cracking. You must ensure any existing cracks are filled prior to applying the texture coat, so that the moisture within the surface won’t get trapped.

Wattyl Solagard

Wattyl Solagard has a render finish paint available in fine, medium and course texture finishes in a variety of colours

Wattyl Granosite

Wattyl Granosite provides a long-lasting texture coating and needs to be applied by a specially trained applicator. Killarney Vale Paints can provide you with a list of trained applicators in your area.

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