Whether your roof is metal or tile, you can bring it to life with a new coat of roof paint


If your roof is looking a little tired, or you fancy a change of colour, Killarney Vale Paints helps to make the transformation process easier.

Professional Roof Painters 

Painting a roof is a job only suitable for those comfortable and confident when working up high. At Killarney Vale Paints, we have professionals available to paint your roofs in the Central Coast area.

DIY Roof Painting

If you do feel like it’s a job you’re competent in taking on, then make sure you have the proper safety gear required. This includes a harness firmly attached to an anchor point on your roof, which will assist in case of a fall. 

Roof Preparation

The first job you need to do when reaching new heights is to clean your roof with a pressure washer.  We can provide you with a professional if you need someone to do this for you. You also need to check that your roof is in good order, not leaking and you will need to repair any pointing on tile roofs that may have come loose. We sell roof pointing as well as roof paint.

Paint Application

Roof paint can be applied with a roller or an airless spray gun. You will need one coat of primer and two topcoats to give you many more years of an attractive roof.

See our equipment page for information on airless spray guns that we hire and sell.

We recommend

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