If you’ve been inspired to change the colour of your existing surfaces, Killarney Vale Paints has a fabulous range of concrete and paving paint in our Killarney Vale store.

Formulated Concrete Paint 

Don’t be tempted to paint your concrete and paved surfaces with the same paint that you’ve applied to your walls. The chances are you’ll be wasting your time as they are likely to peel. You need to use specially formulated concrete & paving paint that is designed to ensure that the moisture within the surface won’t get trapped.

Surface Preparation

If you are painting over an existing surface, it is essential if you know what was originally used, as there are many kinds of paint available. Some thinners and water-based paints are not all compatible with each other, but feel free to seek advice from our experts at Killarney Vale Paints.

To begin, you need a clean, dry surface so fill any cracks with concrete filler and consider using a high-pressure water cleaner for superior results.


Paint Application

If the surface is very smooth, an etch primer will help the first coat of concrete & paving paint to stick. Use a 20mm roller to apply your new colour and an anti-slip additive to help your new surface to be less slippery.

Be aware that some colour variation is likely to occur, but we can prepare you a sample of the colour you have in mind so you know exactly what to expect, ensuring you make the right choice for your project.

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