Paint gives our outdoor living spaces personality and character, and you certainly don’t have to rely on flowers to add a splash of colour


With the correct method, painting furniture can be fun. Thankfully, expert advice on preparation and getting the perfect finishes is on your doorstep on the Central Coast.

Paint Prepararation 

Firstly, before picking up a paintbrush and your chosen outdoor furniture paint, your furniture needs to be fully prepared and solid. Make sure your pieces are wobble and damage-free, repairing any dents and nicks where necessary. Rub off any existing factory finishes to ensure your new paintwork is long-lasting.

Timber Cleaning

If you are applying furniture oil to timber, you need to make sure the timber is properly cleaned with a timber-cleaning product to remove all dirt, mould and tannins. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the surface, the transformation process is much more enjoyable. 

Filling Products

Make sure you fill any holes with an appropriate filling product and lightly sand before applying two coats of finish paint. Solid colours can give a funky and contemporary finish, adding new life to a dull piece, but if shabby-chic is more your thing, you’ll need to progress a block colour to a rustic effect.



Metal Furniture 

Metal pieces will need to be cleaned up with wire brush or angle grinder whilst wearing protective goggles to remove all the existing flaky bits. Next, you will need to apply a rust converter, then a metal primer and two coats of special metal outdoor furniture paint

Paint Application 

Killarney Vale Paints has several ranges in our store, which can either be applied with a brush, roller or an aerosol can. For intricate detail, consider hiring an airless spray gun to get a beautiful and super-fast finish. 

See our equipment page for information on airless spray guns that we hire and sell.

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