Choose a paint with good washability to easily wipe away dirty marks on your newly painted walls.


Feature walls and wall paper 

Feature walls can breathe life into a dull space and are a great way to refresh your room and give it a new look without painting the whole room. It is best to choose a wall devoid of windows and doors so the impact is not lost. Wallpaper is also a great solution for a feature wall, or if you want to add texture and layers to the whole room.

Wide range of colours

Killarney Vale Paints can help you to achieve the ideal look and feel with our impressive range of living room paint colours. You need to take the light source and architectural elements into consideration before settling on the perfect colour choice, and in such high traffic areas, choose paints with good resistance to spills, scrapes and scuffs.

Sample Pots​

Sample pots are a great way to see how colours will actually look in your room and at different times of the day.  It is much easier to try a few colours rather than paint a whole room and not like the colour.  Colours will often look very different in your home than they do on a small colourcard or in your friends’ house.  We recommend that you paint a sample onto your wall and watch how the colour changes with light during the day and night before painting the whole room.  We can also tint paint to half or quarter strength if you like the colour but are not sure about the intensity.

We recommend

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Room-Velvet-hybrid-rgb copy small.png