If you’re not sure exactly what you are looking for and need a little paint inspiration, then we have a very simple, proven technique which we are certain will help with all your creative blanks.

Clear your mind, then visualise what you DON’T want your painting project to end up looking like.

Maybe you have seen other rooms in the past, be it at a friend’s house or a paint store demonstration, and you instantly thought, ‘that is not the look I would ever have in my own home.’ Once you have eliminated all those personal painting eyesores, you’ll be left with a whole host of colour and style options to build your creative vision on.

It really is that simple. Don’t want loud, overwhelming colour schemes? Then add subtle, light tones to brighten your room and include mirrors, a complementary light shade, and some tranquil pictures to transform your room, giving off that sought after calm vibe.

Maybe you don’t like the vintage look and want something very modern? Too easy. Just ditch frills, patterns, and old fashioned furnishings for strong, straight lines which can be implemented via solid neutral coloured walls. Clean lines and neutral backgrounds can look amazing when you add bright accessories and abstract lighting to offset the background tones. Keep it minimal and avoid any clutter.

Let your mind take you to your creative zone and watch your painting and decorating ideas flow!


Warm colours, or colours with warm undertones such as reds, oranges and yellows, will make small rooms seem smaller and large rooms more intimate.

Cool colours, or colours with cool undertones such as blues, purples and greens, will make small rooms look larger. Whilst they will also have a calming effect, they can make a room seem colder, so only use in rooms with ample natural light.

Neutral colours, such as white, grey and black, can have either warm or cool undertones.

With children’s rooms, consider things like magnetic paint, chalkboard paint, and glow in the dark paint.

When choosing a feature area, try to avoid walls that have doors or windows in them, as it distracts from the impact of the feature.

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