Transform your kitchen, laundry and bathroom into spaces you enjoy


Killarney Vale Paints has super tough bathroom and kitchen paint to help you perfect any bathing, cooking and laundry space. With mould and bacteria growth typically found in these areas, preparation is paramount to ensure your walls stay fresher for longer


You will need to start by checking for any grease and smoke on walls and thoroughly clean them before you even open a can of kitchen paint. Any smoke, water or tannin stains will require a coat of cover stain primer to ensure the stain does not bleed through your new paintwork. Check out our preparation page to make sure your preparation is thorough and correct.

Painting Laminate or Timber Doors

  • Clean thoroughly with sugar soap

  • Sand all surfaces thoroughly

  • Apply a specific primer, sealer and undercoat suitable for your surface for paint to stick

  • Apply two coats of water-based enamel in gloss or semi-gloss in your chosen colour

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Removing & Preventing Mould

  • Use a bleach or mould killer to ensure all mould spores are removed

  • Make sure surfaces are thoroughly dry before painting

  • Use paint with added mould killer or add it in yourself to prevent mould returning

  • If you need any further tips or advice on applying bathroom and kitchen paint, please speak to one of our experts at our Killarney Vale store. Killarney Vale Paints has all the products you need to prepare your walls before you can have fun getting creative.

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