Choose wisely for carefree floors. Some require more maintenance than others. 


Different floor finishes will impact how you need to care for your floor and how it will look for years to come. Be it solid wood, timber, slate or stone, Killarney Vale Paints will help you give your floors the royal treatment.

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Tips and techniques for achieving flawless floor finishes

  • Timber floors can be finished with an oil finish, clear or stained polyurethane, or a solid colour. The glossier the surface, the more imperfections will show.

  • Ensure there is no dust, as it will ruin your finish. You can apply a stain or a topcoat, which has stain in it.

  • Sand lightly between coats for professional floor finishes. Consider hiring a specific floor sanding machine if you have a large area to cover.

  • Slate and stone floors will require stripping of any existing finish with a specific product. A lamb’s wool applicator or 5mm mohair roller sleeve on a long pole will make the job easier.


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