Spruce up your driveway & garage floor to add extra sparkle to your entrance


It may seem an impossible task to keep your driveways and garages looking good, but trust Killarney Vale Paints when we say, that simply isn’t true. You need to use a garage and driveway paint specially designed to withstand the extra stresses that tyres place on these surfaces. 

Wide Variety of Driveway Paints 

If you are painting over an existing surface, it is essential to know what was originally used, as there are many types of garage and driveway paints available. Some are water-based and others are thinner-based, but not all are compatible with each other. 

Slip Resistance 

If your driveway is sloping we recommend either choosing a paint with slip resistance in it, or adding slip resistance additive  to help prevent falls. If the slope is more than 15 degrees we recommend not painting. 

Surface Preparation

To begin, you need a clean, dry surface so fill any cracks with concrete filler, which then needs to be sanded before you start painting. Consider using a high-pressure water cleaner for superior results.

Paint Application

If the surface is very smooth, an etch primer will help the first coat of driveway paint to stick. Use a 20mm roller to apply your new colour and re-apply sealer over stencilled-concrete to give it a fresh new look.

There are special kits available for garage floors, which contain flecks that leave behind a unique finish. 

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