Staining and painting are both effective ways of decorating and customising a timber deck


Decking Oils on the Central Coast

From natural wood colours to fashionable shades, Killarney Vale Paints has a timber deck finish with your name on it. Whether your deck is old or new, come and see us in-store and browse our extensive range of tried and tested products.

Paint Preparation 

Preparation is key to getting a great timber deck finish. You need to make sure the timber is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, mould and tannins, so the true timber colour will shine. We stock and help you choose the right special cleaners, most containing oxalic acid, that are designed for this purpose. Also, use a long handled scrubbing brush to make this a less backbreaking job.

Deck Oils that have been applied on the Central Coast

We recommend

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New Timbers

New timbers will need to be left to rest for at least four weeks to ensure all tannins are leached out. You will still need to clean them, but it should be easier than a deck that hasn’t been cleaned in many years. 

Clear Products​

Killarney Vale Paints has many clear products available including straight oil, options with extra additives to make them last longer and some with added colour and without. Each timber deck finish will look great if you do the right preparation and apply them properly.


Decking Paint

You can also apply a decking paint that has a solid colour if your timber is looking tired or you simply don’t like the colour or grain. They are relatively easy to apply and with a little preparation, cleaning and a light sanding will make all the difference.


HAYMES DEXPRESS-Simply-Woodcare-Dexpress
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