Bring your old furniture to life with a fresh coat of paint


It pays to be creative with furniture paint. Breathe new life into old pieces and customise furniture to reflect your style, personality and décor. Whether you have a taste for the bright life or are more at home with the elegance of soft and subtle colour, Killarney Vale Paints has a solution for every taste.

Handy Tips for painting furniture

  • Make sure your piece of furniture is solid by fixing any broken or weak joints by glueing and screwing first.

  • Sand wooden furniture thoroughly and fill any dents, holes or divots to ensure a smooth surface free of bumps and lumps.

  • Apply primer if required and two final topcoats, sanding lightly between coats to get that perfect finish.

  • For intricate detail consider hiring an airless spray gun to get a beautiful finish super-fast.

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