This is your private space where you can follow your dreams and do something that makes you feel good and restful.


Whether you’re looking for something soothing and relaxing or a romantic twist, Killarney Vale Paints has the perfect bedroom paint to create the right atmosphere.

Soft Neutrals 

Bedrooms should be free of clutter and have a calming sense about them to influence a good night’s sleep. For the ultimate tranquil space, soft neutrals with touches of warm or cool tones such as browns, green hues and white are a great choice.

Feature Walls and Patterns

You can opt for a feature wall behind the bed to add oomph and distinction to your room. Bedroom paint can be used to add patterns and decorative stencilling effects for a touch of style to any feature or bedroom wall. Smaller patterns offer a more traditional look while larger and geometric shapes and bold stripes are suited to those looking for something contemporary.

Wide Range of Paint Themes​

The choice of bedroom paint themes is endless. Maybe you prefer a minimalistic look with only one colour. Perhaps you’re more in tune with vibrant splashes on an independent wall. From touches of metallic and pearl finishes to earthy natural colours and textural surfaces, Killarney Vale Paints will help you discover your true bedroom style.

Children's Bedrooms​

Create a look your children will love and evoke a sense of fun with our child-friendly bedroom paint range. If you’re looking to create an area for sleep and play, pick colours based on their favourite characters and themes. Think beyond baby blue and pink with the help of Killarney Vale Paints, for a space that’s fresh and unique

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